Kimberly Cantor is third generation neat freak. It’s in her blood to want a spick and span household. With a family, a dog and stress levels rising, Kimberly knew there had to be a better way. 10 years of trying to keep her family’s clutter organised, she was left drained and disheartened.

Enter the KonMari Method. As she worked through each of Marie Kondo’s guides, Kimberly felt herself getting closer and closer towards tidying salvation. ‘Let Go’, ‘Spark Joy’, and ‘Everything In Its Place’, became part of her daily mantra and is now effortless ritual. This way of life had to be shared.

An Organised Home was created after many years of watching herself and those close to her battle the relentless family/career lifestyle. As a certified KonMari™ Consultant, Kimberly will help liberate you and your home from clutter and create calm, organised and simple spaces that allow you to thrive.

KonMari™ Method

The KonMari™ method recommends tidying by category- not by location- starting with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) and lastly, sentimental items. Its philosophy is centred around only keeping those things that speak to your heart, and discarding items that don’t, releasing them from your space with gratitude.

Kimberly primarily uses the KonMari™ method, not only due to its effectiveness, but  because it focuses on being mindful, introspective and forward thinking. It allows each session to be highly personalised, providing you with the most effective tools to achieve a life that sparks joy.

The KonMari™ method is recommended for individuals wishing to take a deep dive, change their mindset, transform their home, improve their life, and achieve long lasting results.

Traditional Organising

If you’re ready to commit to a tidying project, but aren’t convinced the KonMari™ Method is for you, then Kimberly has the ability to assist you with all organisation projects, no matter how monotonous they may feel. Whether that be an overflowing storage unit, or assistance after the loss of a loved one, Kimberly can provide you with the simplest and most effective tools to get you there. 

Virtual Organising

Kimberly assists clients in regional Australia and internationally via Zoom. The assistance you receive from Kimberly and what you can achieve in a virtual session remains exactly the same, and that is creating calm, organised and simple spaces that allow you to thrive. 

Interstate and International ‘In Person’ sessions are available. Please make contact to discuss.

 ‘The moment you start, you reset your life’

Marie Kondo

Let’s declutter together.